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PH Levels For Dogs - Why Does It Matter & How Can You Maintain It?

October 12, 2022 3 min read

PH Levels For Dogs

Maintaining your dog's pH level is crucial for keeping them healthy. But what is the usual pH of dog skin? Why it's critical? And what you can do to maintain it?

What does PH level mean?

According to its definition, pH is the hydrogen cation concentration (H +) divided by the negative logarithm. Basically speaking, because this may appear confusing, the pH scale indicates how often a mixture, solution, material, etc. is more acidic or more alkaline than neutral deionized water (pH 7).

Dogs' exterior skin has a pH that ranges from 6.5 (for Maltese, for example) to 8.0 (for Labradors), with an average pH of 7.5, whereas human skin has a pH that is between 4.8 and 5.8. It should be noted that the pH varies depending on factors like gender, race, body type, nutrition, hormones, and any current skin diseases.

 PH Levels For Dogs

Why are PH levels important for dogs?

Your dogs skin requires special care in order to prevent altering its natural pH levels, just as human skin does. Repeatedly altering a dog's skin's normal pH level will cause irritation and make the skin more prone to infection.

This is a concern because the epidermis of canine skin, which only has a three to five skin cell thickness, is already more prone to irritation. In comparison, the human epidermis, which is 10 to 15 cells thick, is far thicker than that.

Dog skin that has been irritated or even burned by substances that are overly acidic or alkaline will have a greatly increased risk of bacterial infection since it has such a thin epidermis.

Keeping your dog's skin at a consistent pH level that is close to neutral is crucial for pet ownership. The good news is that you can accomplish this rather easily, especially provided you steer clear of a few critical errors.


How to protect your dogs PH levels?

The misconception that you may wash your dog with baby wipes, human shampoo, baby shampoo, or dish detergent is regrettably one of the most frequent errors in dog owners. However, none of these items were created with a dog's natural skin pH in mind, and all of them, if used frequently, will have a negative effect on the skin pH.

Most human shampoos and inexpensive toiletries are made to be used more frequently when bathing. They have a strong irritant profile, thick foam, and sulphate sodium salts (SLS, ASLS) that offer "too much" cleaning but can eventually become irritable. These products are affordable enough, and buying them appears more appealing, but they can have pH values between 5.0 (creamy soaps or shower gel) and 6.5. (the so-called baby shampoo for human use).

 PH Levels For Dogs

How to find a dog shampoo that’s good for PH levels?

It is crucial to only use a shampoo on your dog that is specifically developed for canine pH levels, and won't remove healthy oils or irritate skin, unless your veterinarian instructs you to do differently for a very specific reason or condition.

The pH range in top dog shampoos is 6.8 to 8.0, with a mean pH of 7.5. They have a high concentration of very mild, high-quality, hypoallergenic raw ingredients with no irritant characteristics.

The natural raw material percentage of top dog shampoos ranges from 88% to 96%, while SLS and ASLES are absent.

When choosing a product for your dog, take your time and be mindful of any irritation that may arise. Even though something is advertised as "dog shampoo", problems can still arise. Don't be afraid to try a different shampoo until you find one that works well for your dog if you discover that a particular one is causing dryness or skin issues.

 PH Levels Dog Skin

pH protection for dogs doesn't have to be difficult. You can safeguard your dog's skin health, keep them looking and feeling terrific, and maintain their good skin health by arming yourself with the knowledge you find here.

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